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National Blue Ribbon School Award
This is a national recognition program sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education. The program encourages states to nominate public kindergarten through grade twelve schools that are either academically superior or demonstrate dramatic gains in student achievement. "I congratulate these schools on this special recognition," said State Superintendent Jack O'Connell. "These fine schools are shining examples of our improving school system, and the teachers, students, and parents should be proud of their tremendous accomplishment.

Sixth Street Prep Elementary 2009

Brentwood Elementary 2003

Lomitas Elementary 1999

CAPE Eureka Award
The Eureka Award for Performance Excellence is the top level award offered by CCE and adheres to the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award criteria. The Eureka Award offers seven categories: Large and Small Service; Education; Health Care; Non-Profit; Government; and, Military. The award consists of a full Baldrige-based application using the most current criteria of the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

2007 CAPE Feedback Report Summary

2011-2012 Certificated Employee of the Year
Johnette has been a member of the VESD family since 1991 and is currently a kindergarten teacher at Challenger School of Sports & Fitness. Johnette exemplifies the whatever it takes attitude with her commitment to students, families and colleagues. Teamwork is the cornerstone of how Johnette conducts her everyday life. She makes it a priority to work together with families and her colleagues, both at the site and District level. She is a professional who knows how to have fun while taking care of business. Johnette has dedicated her life to helping others and in this process has made an impact in the lives of countless children, parents and VESD.

2011-2012 Classified Employee of the Year
We are extremely pleased to announce Jackie Jauregui as the 2011 Classified Employee of the Year! Jackie has two important jobs: she has been an accountant for VESD since July, 2003, and she is also the mother of a bright Academy student. One of her nominations stated that Jackie is a fantastic employee, a great mom, and a wonderful person! As an accountant, Jackie has made herself available to anyone and everyone. During the 2010/11 school year she was the budget coach to six of our school sites ensuring that they are meeting all guidelines and deadlines. Some say she is the Budget Guru and should wear a cape! Jackie lives and breathes the VESD motto whatever it takes. Any VESD stakeholder can approach Jackie at any time and she will give that person 100% of her attention and do anything to help. She is not the stereotypical stuffy accountant, but has a wonderful sense of humor and keeps us laughing! Jackies skill and knowledge are outstanding and have benefited VESD in good times and in challenging times, but more importantly, Jackies positive attitude is a model for everyone she comes in contact with at any time! Congratulations Jackie!

John L. Levell Humanitarian Award 2011
The recipient for the John L. Levell Humanitarian Award 2011 is Monica Martinez. She is the health attendant for Sixth Street Prep School and exemplifies the four key qualities that are the basis for this recognition. Her character development in others is on-going. She not only demonstrates the qualities of character, but she helps teach others about them as well. Monica promotes self-esteem and conflict resolution regularly. She always looks for win-win solutions for families, students and staff at her site. The professionalism that Monica exhibits consistently is appreciated by all. She translates for families, looks for opportunities for outreach in the community and is an example of true professionalism even during critical situations. Her work and support at the school site are top notch. Her compassion and sincere interest in both her school and the families is serves are the basis for the great accomplishment.

Marie Miller Spirit Award 2011
The recipient for the Marie Miller Spirit Award is Liz McDonnell, Principal at Challenger School of Sports and Fitness. Liz exemplifies racing through life with spirit and drive! Her staff recognized her for demonstrating inspiration, spirit and for being goal oriented. Lizs leadership style is appreciated for always looking for solutions to challenges that arise. She has a true interest in all staff and students and exhibits this consistently. She has energized the focus on fitness and has brought exciting new programs and activities for everyone to participate in. Congratulations to Liz for a very successful year.

Endeavour School of Exploration, West Palms Conservatory, and Sixth Street Prep School were named as Honor Roll School for 2011. Honor Roll schools are consistently raising student academic achievement and closing achievement gaps. They are being recognized not only for their accomplishments, but so that other schools can learn and replicate the best practices of Honor Roll schools.

Del Rey Elementary School 2009

Discovery School of the Arts 2008 | 2009

Endeavour School of Exploration 2008 | 2009

Galileo Academy 101 2009

Sixth Street Prep School 2007 | 2008 | 2009

California Prospector Award
The award program, which emulates the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, recognizes companies and organizations that demonstrate continuous improvement and superior performance in several key areas including leadership, strategic planning, student learning results, budgetary and financial results, faculty and staff focus, organizational effectiveness and social responsibility.

District Awarded April 2006

California Distinguished School Award
The California School Recognition Program was created in 1985 to publicize and reinforce the priorities of the State Board of Education and the State Superintendent of Public Instruction. The program identifies and honors some of the state's most exemplary and inspiring public schools with the California Distinguished School Award. Although participation is voluntary, the award is highly sought after by schools in all areas of the state. State Superintendent of Schools Jack O'Connell says "These schools are the best of the best. They share a vision of excellence and they have brought that vision to life."

Sixth Street Prep 2010

West Palms Conservatory 2010

Galileo Academy Elementary 2008

Lomitas Elementary 1998, 2002, and 2006

Brentwood Elementary 2002 and 2006

The Academy of Performing Arts and Foreign Language 2006

Park View Elementary 1993, 1997, and 2004

Village Elementary 1995, 2000, and 2004

Liberty Elementary 1993

Title I Academic Achievement Award
The Title I Academic Achievement Awards Program recognizes schools that are demonstrating success in ensuring all students are making significant progress toward proficiency on California's academic content standards. These standards define the knowledge, concepts, and skills students are expected to acquire at each grade level. "This award is a prestigious recognition for each school that has worked hard to improve its students academic achievement in spite of their disadvantaged backgrounds," said State Superintendent Jack OConnell. "There is a clear record of schools staying on track and improving year after year."

Sixth Street Prep school 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, and 2010

Brentwood Elementary 2002 and 2004

U.S. Dept. of Education National Research Project on Learning from Six High Poverty, High Achieving Blue Ribbon Schools
Schools were chosen from No Child Left Behind Blue Ribbon Award winners according to the number of students eligible for free and reduced-price lunches, high state test scores, and diversity of size, grade levels, and geographic location.

Brentwood Elementary 2002

API Scores Over 800
The Academic Performance Index (API) is the cornerstone of California's Public Schools Accountability Act of 1999 (PSAA). The purpose of the API is to measure the academic performance and growth of schools. It is a numeric index (or scale) that ranges from a low of 200 to a high of 1000. A school's score on the API is an indicator of a school's performance level. The statewide API performance target for all schools is 800. A school's growth is measured by how well it is moving toward or past that goal. A school's API Base is subtracted from its API Growth to determine how much the school improved in a year.

933 Sixth Street Prep School

895 Endeavour Elementary

869 Discovery School of the Arts

838 Galileo Academy

831 West Palms Conservatory

823 The Academy of Performing Arts and Foreign Language

822 Challenger School of Sports and Fitness

806 Lomitas Elementary

800 Village Elementary

Similar School Ranking of 10
In addition to statewide ranks, schools also are ranked compared to 100 other schools with similar demographic characteristics. For the similar schools rank, schools also are ranked into deciles according to school type: elementary, middle, and high. To determine the similar schools rank for a school, a comparison group of 100 similar schools of the same type is formed for that school, based on similar demographic characteristics. The APIs for this group of 100 schools are ranked into ten categories of equal size, called deciles, from one (lowest) to ten (highest). Each decile contains 10 percent of all of the 100 similar schools in the comparison group. The school's similar schools rank is the decile where that school's API Base falls compared with the Base APIs of the 100 other similar schools in the comparison group.

Challenger School of Sports and Fitness

Endeavour School of Exploration

Galileo Academy 101

Puesta Del Sol Elementary

Sixth Street Prep

American School Board Journal's MAGNA Award
The district received the national MAGNA Award for its Student Leadership Development Program, which also has received several county awards. The Student Leadership Development Program builds leadership skills in students to help them with future success in the world of work. Our students learn human relations and career-related skills. They developed 12 statements called "Basics to Success" which define positive student interaction with peers, staff, and community. Students visit local businesses and interact with business leaders; and they have spoken formally about the program to neighboring school district leaders, at community functions, and to the chamber of commerce.

District received this award April 2007

National Quality School Board of the Year
Bonstingl Leadership Development is a full-service international consulting firm specializing in Baldrige and Quality-based solutions for world-class leaders.

District received this award July 2005

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