Vice President Moore

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Clayton Moore
Vice President
Board of Trustees

Friendship, Justice and Learning are the three great aims of Sigma Chi Fraternity. These values inspired me to have respect for the brotherhood I had joined; to maintain personal integrity; and to serve... first as a volunteer, then by becoming a public school teacher, before being elected as Trustee to the VESD Board of Education.
Volunteering and community service provide excellent free opportunities for young people to participate in new areas, gain new experiences, and to meet peers who can share and support their common interests. My avocation is drawing, which led to collecting comic books, then to attending conventions. My parents supported a year-round involvement on the San Diego Comic - Convention organizing committee, followed by terms elected to their Board of Directors between 1975 and 1986.

My wife, Therese is a Language, Speech and Hearing Specialist for Apple Valley Unified School District, a U.S. Navy veteran and American Legion Member. We have been homeowners in Victorville since 2011, and residents since 1999. For fitness I practice Karate, bicycle, swim when possible, walk my dogs, and enjoy flying disc sports such a Disc Golf, Ultimate, and playing catch. 

California School Board's Association Training explains that most important element of effective, efficient governance is clear communication among all involved partners to maintain strong, positive relationships based on trust. With gratitude to the voters in our community for their faith in me, I appreciate being a proud part of VESD and look forward to supporting our students as they pursue