Independent Study

Program Overview

The Victor Elementary School District Independent Study program serves families who are seeking educational alternatives to a regular classroom setting. Students participating in the program are considered enrolled in public school and are able to make use of district services. They are also invited to participate in school activities.

Parents attend weekly sessions to receive training, strategies, and tips to help their child be successful in the program. Parents will be provided with answer keys, as available, to correct their child’s work. Students attend class one or more days each week (class schedules will vary by grade level). Extra tutoring sessions are available for students in grades 4 – 6.

Our Independent Study program offers:

  • Free Public HomeSchool/Independent Study program
  • Serving Grades TK - 6
  • All curriculum, textbooks, and detailed lesson plans provided
  • Follows traditional school calendar
  • Tailored to your family and your child’s individual needs
  • Weekly Parent Support and Training sessions
  • Parents receive training to teach their children in all subject areas
  • Strategies and Techniques from Highly Qualified, Certificated Teachers
  • Frequent Monitoring of your child’s progress
  • Optional on-campus tutoring groups and classes
  • Serving all students in San Bernardino and adjacent counties


This program is ideal for parents who want to home-school their children, with some guidance from credentialed teachers. It is also great for students who are behind and need extra help to catch up to their grade level; students who may be bored in the regular classroom and need a challenge; students who have health concerns and can’t attend regular classes; and students who may be struggling with behavior issues at a regular school.

Enrollment Process

1. Parent attends an informational meeting at: 

Lomitas Institue of Technology

12571 1st Avenue

Victorville, 92395

(760) 243-2012

Held every Monday – Friday at 7:45 A.M.

2. If the program is appropriate for your family, registration paperwork is completed. (bring the student’s shot records and birth certificate, along with proof of residence)

3. Your first appointment is scheduled with the teacher for the following week.

4.  Student begins working on first packet of assignments.