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Jan Gonzales


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Welcome to the Victor Elementary School District (VESD) website! It is my hope that this website reflects the positive energy that occurs each day as we educate VESD students.

It is difficult to share with you everything that makes VESD work in this brief message, but I can give you a few highlights.
VESD has embraced the California State Standards which have raised the bar in promoting a deeper thinking in our students. Professional development was a request from our Local Control Accountability Plan (LCAP) committees yet it proved to be a challenge due to the substitute shortage in California. Therefore, VESD rose to the challenge and trained On Site Instructional Coaches who do a phenomenal job providing professional development at the site level.

Our Family Resource Center (FRC) opened last August; this was another idea that came out of our LCAP committee work. The FRC provides many services for our students’ families including parenting classes, English classes, accessible computers for parents to use, and wonderful people who will find the resources if we don’t provide them. 

Our LCAP Committees are an integral part of determining actions and services in our annual plan. Currently, we have an African American Engagement Committee, Budget Committee, District English Language Advisory Committee, District Advisory Committee, Foster Youth Committee, and Quality Works. Our committee members are dedicated individuals who have made it their business to learn our work.

VESD provides an enormous amount of autonomy to our school sites. Each of our sites has selected a focus that you can read about in this website. The school sites set their own goals, determine how to spend their budgets, and develop behavior plans. Each site involves their stakeholders in these processes through school site councils, PTO/PTA, English Language Advisory Councils, etc.

As you can see, there are many opportunities to get involved in VESD. If you are interested, please feel free to contact a school site or our district office.

In a few weeks, the public will be able to access the California School Dashboard. Prior to this, schools and districts were measured by the Academic Performance Index (API). The Dashboard shares multiple measures on each district and school including English Language Arts, Math, Suspension Rates, and English Learner Progress. Other measures will be added in upcoming years. The Dashboard uses a growth model and encourages year-to-year improvement in each of the measures. Educating students is multi-faceted work and we are excited to use the dashboard to guide this work.

VESD takes our work very seriously and strives to meet the needs of all students. On behalf of VESD, we would like to thank our stakeholders for your support!
Jan Gonzales