The Victor Elementary Education Foundation solicits and designates funds to provide two years of tuition and books at an approved institute of higher learning to qualifying 6th graders who meet the scholarship criteria upon graduation from an accredited local high school.

By developing an innovative business, education, community and family partnership, the Victor Elementary Education Foundation will ultimately make attending college a possibility for every Victor Elementary student. Students will receive guidance, coaching and career planning assistance as they prepare to take full advantage of this exciting opportunity. With early planning and hard work, the students of Victor Elementary will discover that their dreams for a rewarding career are within their reach.

VEEF Board of Directors

Jennifer Hernandez


Allen Williams
Vice President

Debra Betts

David North

Dwight Johnson
Board Member

Nancee Fine
Board Member

Catherine Abbott
Board Member

Allen Williams
Board Member

Sharon Cobb
Board Member

Greg Zumbrunn
Board Member

Melissa Timko-Miller
Board Member

Scholarship Winners

Alex Trenton
Amy Lugo
Benjamin McDonnell
Bridgette Hernandez
Christopher Elizondo
Isdan Rocha

Andrea Romero
Jose Saavedra
Kenna Colas
Melissa Welding
Naomi Penn
Rodger Matlock

Allyson Breitinger
Anthony Langston
Miguel Rios
Nathaniel Jones
Taylor Foster

Brian Woods
Clayton Fowler
Hannah Clair
Julie Greene
Sydnie Smith

2nd Annual VEEF Golf Tournament
Tuesday, June 13
8am Shotgun
Apple Valley Golf Course

Veef Golf

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