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Welcome to the Risk Management Department at Victor Elementary School District! 
At Victor Elementary School District (VESD), the safety and well-being of our staff, students, and visitors are our top priorities. Our Risk Management Department is dedicated to creating and maintaining a secure and healthy environment across all our schools and facilities. We are committed to ensuring that every individual in our district can focus on education and growth without concerns for their safety.
Our department oversees a comprehensive range of responsibilities, including:
  • Workers' Compensation: Providing support and resources for staff in the event of workplace injuries.
  • Student Injury Response: Addressing and responding promptly to any student injuries to ensure their swift and effective care.
  • Pesticide Management: Implementing safe and environmentally-friendly pest control measures to protect our community.
  • Key Management: Securing and managing access to our facilities to maintain a safe school environment.
  • Workplace Violence Prevention Program: Administering a plan that meets the requirements of California Senate Bill 533 to prevent incidents of workplace violence.
  • Injury and Illness Prevention: Developing and enforcing policies to prevent injuries and illnesses, ensuring a healthy environment for everyone.
Our dedicated team works tirelessly to implement best practices and proactive measures in risk management. Through collaboration, education, and continuous improvement, we strive to uphold the highest standards of safety and health within the VESD community. 
Thank you for visiting our page. We are here to support and safeguard our district, making VESD a place where everyone can thrive.

Jenn Sharp

Jennifer Sharp
Director of Risk Management

Jasmin Fitts
Secretary of Risk Management