President's Message

Dr. Elder Headshot
Dr. Gary Elder
Board of Trustees

Dr. Gary Elder is a teacher at University Preparatory High School in Victorville. Dr. Elder has lived in the Victor Valley since 1991. He was elected to the Victor Elementary School District in November of 2006. His hobbies include weight lifting, cycling and reading. He is married and has two children.


I am Dr. Gary Elder and I am the current Board President for the Victor Elementary Board of Trustees. The Board would like to welcome you to the VESD website and we thank you for visiting us here!

VESD lives and breathes it visionary mission statement daily:

VESD is committed to inspiring purposeful learners who create their futures with confidence, curiosity, innovation, and integrity through engaging learning experiences in safe environments within a supportive culture.

From the Board’s perspective we see this statement at work in a variety of ways. For example, each school has chosen a focus that will engage our students as they become lifelong learners, a necessary trait in this day and age.

Our teachers have access to continuous professional development so that they are constantly improving their teaching skills. This, in turn, will increase our students’ depth of knowledge.

VESD works tirelessly to keep our schools safe. We have site inspections, drills, cameras, policies and procedures that are continuously being examined and updated. Our sites also work hard to keep our students emotionally safe so that they are ready, willing and able to try new experiences without the fear of failure.

Relationships are extremely important in VESD. There are a variety of stakeholders in and around VESD: students, parents, employees, community members, and vendors. We truly value our stakeholders’ opinions and use them frequently to drive our work.

The VESD Board of Trustees is excited to embrace the California School Dashboard that will become public this spring. The dashboard reflects growth in multiple areas including English Language Arts, Math, Suspension rates and English Learners’ progress. This year sets a baseline for VESD schools to begin growing.

The VESD Board of Trustees wished to thank each and every one of you for your support as we educate the children in our community.


Dr. Gary Elder