Galileo Academy School of Gifted and Talented Education

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Conor Devlin
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Galileo School of Gifted and Talented Education
15999 Warwick Street
Victorville, Ca 92395
Phone: 760-241-1753
Fax: 760-245-2524

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Hello, and thank you for your interest in Galileo Academy! With all of the amazing things going on at Galileo Academy, it is difficult to capture it all in a brief message. We take pride in offering a truly unique education here at Galileo Academy. Our work at Galileo is focused around a mission statement which was created by parents, staff, and students. 

“Teachers, students, and parents work together to foster each student’s maximum potential through use of GATE and 21st Century strategies.”

We are still in the process of transitioning to our new campus and all of the changes that have come along with the transition. The new facility is a dream come true for us and is already allowing for many new opportunities for our school.   

All 28 of our classrooms at Galileo incorporate Gifted and Talented Education strategies into their daily learning. We are focused on maximizing each student’s potential and use these strategies to assist in meeting this goal. Our goal is to provide activities and instructional strategies designed to be compatible with how the brain processes information. We strive to challenge and improve the skills of all students while making sure to challenge our gifted and high-ability students. At Galileo, we are helping students become thinkers.  

Galileo Academy takes strategies previously reserved only for identified GATE students and introduces them to all of our students regardless of ability levels. With these opportunities, and a lot of hard work from staff, students, and parents, we work to attain our mission statement. I am so proud to be the principal of this school and be a part of the amazing work being done here.   

Conor Devlin
Galileo School of Gifted and Talented Education